Heidi Smith-Miranda is joining the In the Spotlight team. Heidi is a former Ballroom dance champion and has been teaching a variety of partner dances for over 20 years. She offers instruction in all Ballroom, Latin, Swing dances, as well as Salsa and Country Two Step.

If you have a wedding or social event coming up and you do not want to sit out, or you have wanted to learn how to dance for ages but have not gotten around to it…Hop to it! Contact Heidi about private lessons or small group options.

Heidi Contact Information:


Phone: 763-843-0149.


*Ask about the discount rate

Private Lessons:

  • 1 to 4 students
  • $68.00 per 50 minute lesson

Private Group Lessons:

  • 5 students or more
  • $85.00 per 50 minute lesson